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Indoor schedule
Sporting CT 2007 Gold boys are going to practice indoor on Monday night from 6.30-8pm starting Monday November 18th 2019.
They are going to play in FSA Session 1 November 16th - December 22nd 2019 and FSA Session 2 January 4th- February 16th 2020.
There will be break for Christmas and nobody in the club  will practice from December 23rd 2019 - January 2nd 2020.
Sporting CT Executive Director


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Week of 10/21
by posted 10/21/2019

Good morning!

Here is the schedule for the upcoming week.  Also, please save the date of November 9th as Jackson's parents (John and Mirela) would like to host a potluck at their house for the team after our game.  More deatils to follow.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 7 - 8:30pm
Country Club Road

Sunday 10/27 @ 11am
vs. Academica FC Pride 07
Midstate #1: 435 Lewis Ave, Meriden CT 

As always, if you won't be at the game, please let me know by Wednesday.



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Week of 10/14
by posted 10/15/2019

Good afternoon!

Here is the schedule for this week, along with a note from Coach regarding the tournament.  If you are planning to order a blanket, please let me know so I know when to turn into Goran.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 7 - 8:30
Country Club Road

Sunday 10/20 @ 9AM 
vs. CT Pythons
Country Club Road #1
Wear all white, bring other jerseys

If you can't make the game, please let me know by Wednesday.

From Coach regarding tournament:
The team still getting strong controlling and passing the ball, sometimes the pass is not properly executed but the idea of the pass is clear.
We need to keep working in better communications and find spaces especially looking for even WIDER position.
Recovering the ball and marking tighter is something we going to keep work on it.
The team is creating score situation but one of my goal is to involve defender player more into attack situations, not only just to recover the ball. I like the way we scored from a controlled ball, after they look for the wings and center the ball.
Also we need to be aware where we are on the field to determined how we mark the opponent.
In general I’m happy how the team growing, a lot!!
We had a bad luck in the last game, I understand the young refs are learning but  an adult ref should be teaching these kids, the bad PK call changes the result of the game but unfortunately is something that we have to deal with.
Thanks players and parents for the commitment!!
Coach Danny

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