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Sporting CT Pie Fundraising

Good morning,

Thank you to all parents and players that participate in our annual pie fundraising. We have made around $1700 of profit for the club with donations and from profit of selling the pies and dough.

PICK UP FOR PIES IS FRIDAY DECEMBER 13 FROM 4-8PM. We will inform you about address close to delivery date.

Top 3 sellers that will get free week of summer camp or futsal session for free are.

1. Ryan and Avery Quinn sold $506 of pies

2. Micheal Sanborn sold $333 of pies

3.Camryn Cooper sold $262 of pies

This families can reach to me and let me know if they want free week of summer camp or free futsal for session 2.

If your company looking to donate for tax purposes we are 503c non profit organization and you can donate to MYS.



Sporting CT Executive Director



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Speed and agilty workout has youtube video on it
by posted 03/27/2020

Hello again,

Here is text from coach Dylan about workout he send us.

Also, could you send another email regarding the home training that the exercises that are underlined have hyperlink, so that when you click on them a youtube video of a demo/instructions will pop up. If they have any questions they can reach out to my email

Sporting CT Executive Director

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Spring season update from EDP and 2 weeks training with S&A
by posted 03/27/2020


We hope all of you staying healthy and strong. We also hope this virus go away sooner then later and everyone can go back to their daily routine work schedule.

We are lucky to have coach Dylan in our Sporting CT team who is expert in speed and agility workouts. He has put workout plan for all our members for next two weeks. You will see middle school workout that's for our younger age group teams and high school workout for older age group players.

Here is phase 1 for the home workouts.   https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AumRGjMiKyK_KQbdJyGIifOXStLzg8DGen7_5rRZTbA/edit?usp=sharing

We have create MYS Sporting CT youtube channel where we wil be posting workout video, team games and other additional video for our members please subscribe to this channel. Starting Monday there will be more workout videos that will be added to this channel.

Here is link for youtube chanel https://www.youtube.com/feed/my_videos

Last here is update from EDP league about spring season.

EDP Soccer and its Leadership Council identify solutions for 2020.


Dear Club Leadership, Coaches and Team Managers:

As a follow-up to our League communication from last week, EDP Soccer and the EDP Leadership Council have been working diligently to identify viable solutions for Spring League play. While there are still data points yet to be defined, we have made significant progress to date.

As part of our efforts to identify a working model for league play, which we can utilize when it is safe to do so, EDP Soccer is considering all internal and external parameters. Here are some of the parameters that have been kept in mind as this process has progressed:

As it relates to teams who do NOT play in the US Youth Soccer Conferences managed by EDP (Premier I and Premier II), EDP Soccer is looking at options that would shift the schedules of these divisions back and extend the season into late Spring and Summer. This will provide a larger timeframe within which games may be played, which will allow for a more natural cadence and balance of league, tournament and showcase play.

With regard to teams that compete in the US Youth Soccer Conferences managed by EDP (Premier I and Premier II), EDP Soccer is considering multiple parameters, which will ultimately determine the structure of the league season. Some of these parameters include:

  • Start Date - This will be determined by local health and government officials as well as US Youth Soccer's determination of when to resume Conference play.
  • End Date - EDP Soccer is working closely with US Youth Soccer at a National, Regional and State level to ensure that all Premier I divisions comply with all rules and regulations of the National Championship Series (Regionals and Nationals) for the 2019/2020 season and National League for the 2020/2021 season. Once the dates have been finalized, EDP will create a league structure that will ensure that all games are played within the given timeframe.
  • Reduced Travel - In an effort to reduce travel, which may be important if mid-week games become necessary, all Premier I teams will be re-bracketed based primarily on geography, as opposed to club-based vs. team-based formats.
    • Note, EDP will attempt to preserve any games that have already been played this season by placing those teams in the same brackets during this re-bracketing process.
  • Reduced Game Load - We anticipate a smaller timeframe within which games will need to be played. So as not to overwhelm teams/players with too many games in too short a timeframe, EDP will reduce the game load on each team.
    • Note, while league play will see a reduced number of fixtures, we will ensure that all teams receive no fewer than the minimum number of games, as required by each State Association.
  • Double-Counting - EDP Soccer recognizes that Tournaments and State Cup are also considerations for teams/clubs. As such, EDP is working internally, regarding tournament play, and with State Associations, regarding State Cup, to ensure that the option of double counting games across multiple competitions is available.
    • For example, as part of our strategy to postpone the EDP US Youth Soccer Conferences Showcase, each team could use this event, on its newly scheduled dates, as an opportunity to not only Showcase their players, but to also play multiple league games.
  • Facilities - We recognize that not all clubs control their own facilities. Accordingly, we will need to ensure that teams/clubs who do NOT have facilities are placed in divisions with teams/clubs who do have facilities, which will provide a venue for games to be played.

As EDP Soccer and the EDP Leadership Council continue to gather information and work towards a final league structure, we will keep you informed. In the meantime, know that we are doing everything in our power to provide a full and meaningful spring soccer experience for our membership.

Until our next communication stay healthy and stay safe. And remember, we are in this together. #inittogether

Yours in Soccer,
Steve Shilling, CEO, EDP Soccer
John Ellinger, Chair, EDP Leadership Council

As always we will update you about any other information come our way. Stay home, stay active and let's pray that corona virus go away soon.



Sporting CT Executive Director


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Sporting CT weekly workout sheet
by posted 03/21/2020

Hello everyone,

I hope that everyone is healthy and keep good spirit hopefully we get back to normal schedule soon.

I have create form for all our players to keep track of what they doing on daily basis, what they can improved at and how to get to that goals. They need to write that down and share with their coaches on weekly basis. It's very important to keep being active each day.

Also we are working on new YouTube channel MYS Sporting CT check it out we will be adding some video there soon. Also going forward we will be adding some games from our teams on that channel as well.

Addition to that our partners soccer.com has launch at home soccer resources,drills,skills, guides. See information bellow.

To help you stay in the game, we are sharing at-home soccer resources, drills, skills, guides and more.

In addition, w
e’re launching our  # KeepTheBallMoving challenge to stay connected on social media. Your club and families can join us and help ignite and fuel the fun. 


The concept is simple... we want the soccer community to post a short vertical video, with the ball moving into and then out of the frame. That's it. Feel free to add some juggling, a skill, whatever you like,  as long as the ball enters the frame at the beginning of the video and leaves the frame at the end. 

Please encourage your players, coaches, and parents to participate. They can post on their individual social channels tagging #KeepTheBallMoving and #soccerdotcom. 

For extra credit, we’d love to see the best entries from your club all featured on your club’s social media, too.

We'll be connecting everyone's videos together 24/7 on our Instagram profile to # KeepTheBallMoving .  


For any video that you post with your skills please use #sportingct too and we will shared that on our social media platform as well.

If any of the members have any questions feel free to call or email me at anytime.

Once we have more information about spring season we will shared it with you immediately.



Sporting CT Executive Director


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Middletown Parks closed until further notice
by posted 03/16/2020

Dear members,

We got inform that all Middletown city parks are closed until further notice.Please do NOT use any fields anymore until you hear from us. I know i told some people that CCR field can be used in the last few days but starting 3pm today all parks are closed for any kind of activities.



Sporting CT Executive Director



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by posted 03/16/2020

Dear Sporting CT members,

We are monitoring the situation on daily basis and will provide our members periodic updates as more information becomes more apparent. We are committed to doing our part to help slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and our top priority is  to protect the health and safety of our athletes,families,coaches and our society as a whole.

At the appropriate time , we will communicate plans to the continuation of the spring soccer season and the status of future programing past March 29th until then there will be no organized soccer practices or games.

We thank you, our membership, for your continuing support during this challenging time. We wish all good health and hope to see you soon at the soccer fields.

If any of the players need individual workout plan for week please reach out to your team coach with email and they will be more then happy to provide you with workout plan.


Sporting CT Board of Directors

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