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Sporting CT 2003 boys
by posted 11/23/2020

Hello everyone,

It was very good to see all boys this week in training. Yesterday game between coaches Goran and Hikmet team was great to see where each player stand at this moment. There is a lot of players that look very good, some that are in decent shape and then there is some that struggle physically on the field. It's understandable since some players had full high school, season some are done earlier and there is some that didn't play at all. It showed yesterday who was in each category I just mention.

We are working with CJSA, City of Middletown and State governor office to get clearance what we can and can't do as youth soccer club in pause period announced by state leaders.

There is a lot of confusion what are limit of kids able to train at once on the same field (we know we are limit to group of 4 plus coach) depend of that and some other questions we have (does same kids need to be in same small groups all the time each week) we be able to plan our future trainings.

We are not going to train minimum until Friday and once we have more information I will share with you. 

Hope everyone have Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!




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Sporting CT 2002/03 Boys
by posted 11/12/2020

Good morning,

I hope all of you doing good and staying healthy. Coach Hikmet and myself are exciting to have this group of players back to training next week.

We know some kids had tough fall season with games being cancel or season was over before they could play in playoffs, we know some of the players didn't even had chance to play at all and we know that some players got lucky and are still playing. We are here to help all of them in any possible way need it feel free to let us know.

Some things in life are out of our control but we need to keep going forward and hope things go back in normal sooner then later. With that said we are starting with our first practice next Tuesday at 8pm. Here is few reminders for players and parents before our first meeting.

Players please wear mask coming to the field and after practices!!!!!!(you don't need to wear mask when playing)

Please don't come to training earlier then 10 minutes before our designated time!!! (the less people we have on the field the better)

Parents if you driving your kids to practice please stay in the car until group before us leave CCR property then you be able to watch practice if you want with mask on.

If any of the players need any help with college recruitment let us know (most of the players contact me or Hikmet already)we are here to help as much as we possible can. 

Practices will be Tuesday and Thursday 8-9.30pm at CCR Turf field 395 Country club road Middletown CT

We plan to have two teams for spring season so far we have 27 players and few more will be coming to tryouts in upcoming weeks.

As you can see on schedule we are working to have two games (mostly back to back) one for each team until end of the year. I name teams white and gold but rosters will be decide by coaches each week.

Some games are posted already and some will be posted soon. 

If any of the players on the roster decide not to play let us know ASAP.

Any questions feel free to call or email me back.




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