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Sunday friendly game 2007 girls
by posted 09/22/2020

Hello everyone,

Coach Dylan and myself agreed to give girls extra game this weekend and have friendly game between our teams on Sunday at 10.30am at 360 Long Hill road fields (teams will be split equally) so kids have more playing time before we head deeper into the season.

Please respond back by Friday morning if you CAN'T make it i will let you know rosters for Sunday friendly Friday afternoon.

All other information (jersey color and time to be at field will be send to you on Friday email).




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This week soccer for Sporting CT 2007 Girls
by posted 09/21/2020

Good morning,

Very important WIN to start fall season in right direction. When we win girls confidence grow, practices are more fun and we are preparing for next game with different aditute. First half we played very good, we create so many good opportunities but only get one goal in their net. We need to crush their confidence and score more goals so second half we can play with less intensity and wait for their mistakes to score even more goals.

With only 1-0 in the halftime they start to believe they can get back in the game. Second half they start much better then us and dominate game for 15 minutes. Kuddos to our girls for fighting back and not alouding any goals (AWESOME). We need to learn to play SIMPLE and FASTER in our end of the field and be very ATTACKING minded when in opponent defensive 1/3 of the field. 

This week schedule.


Monday- Tuesday- Thursday 7-8.30pm


Saturday 1.30pm be at field 1pm against Rhode Island Surf (Claire and Audrey will warm up team i be at field with 2007 boys)

Sunday 9am we can play each other on 360 Long hill road fields (2006 girls welcome to come plus i want to invite some 2007 gold girls to join us too) let me know by Wednesday if you can make this scrimmage or not. I will make teams for this game Friday morning.





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This week soccer for Sporting CT 2007 Girls
by posted 09/14/2020

Good morning,

Two very good competitive games this weekend. We played better then both CFC teams this weekend but lost both games. 

Saturday game.

We dominate first half create 3-4 very good chances to score, they had one shot on the goal and find the net. (good finishing)

Second half we come very strong tie game and played very good for most part of the half. They score on corner kick (bad marking and conversation between our players). 3rd goal was good counter attack by them.

Sunday game

We dominate possession and create more then 10 chances for goal but wasn't able to finish. On other side they took full advantage of two mistakes we made and score on both opportunities.

Second half was all us we won half 2-1 and play soccer i want them to play from start to finish. Playing aggressive, attacking soccer, winning 50-50 bottles all over the field, wanting to have ball in our feet and attack their defenders all the time and keep them under constant pressure.

We will get there very soon some girls that play as forward dropping too deep back and cover too much space for our midfielders and defenders and have no juice to finish opportunities we create in front of the other goal.

If we play for possession we are going to be  WORLD CHAMPIONS but soccer is played for GOALS whoever score more goals win the game.

Two things we need to improve if we want to be the best team in our league are tied up on defensive end and start finishing our chances. With squad we have in this team we can beat anybody at this age level I BELIEVE IN THAT girls just need to start to believe as well.

Schedule this week.

Practice - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 7pm

Game this week Sunday against CT Rush 4pm CCR 1 be at field 3.30pm (they ask us to host game Sunday since Saturday is Jewish holiday)

Skip will tell you what to wear by Friday afternoon. Let me know if you not able to play (2006 girls not able to play in league games).






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Tonight practice and weekend games
by posted 09/10/2020


I just got inform from park and rec that they closing all fields in the town. I know we have turf field but they are saying that there is a big possibility of heavy thunderstorms from 4.30-8pm ,safety of the players and people coming to the field is their and our main concern.

Saturday game 1pm against CFC 07 girls in East Windsor Sportsworld (Skip send email and what to wear already)

Everyone coming to the game except Madelyn Eddy, Kiley Scott and Abbie Miller (this two playing for coach Dylan). ( Ellie Sbriglio  and Madelyn Bucherri can play this game).

Sunday game at CCR 11am against CFC 08 girls

Everyone coming except Madelyn Bucherri and Ellie Sbriglio.(Kiley Scott, Abbie Miller and Madelyn Eddy can play)

If any of the players not listed can't come let me know. Kaylea M is still recovering and will be playing limited time or not at all we will decide that after warm up and see how she feel.

If we didn't have two games this weekend we will practice tomorrow but since we play two games in two days and practice Monday and Tuesday that's too much!!





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