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U23 Men Game attendance for next 3 games

Hello Everyone,

Here is Google spreadsheet for next 3 games please fill out out so coaches know who is available and who is not. This Sunday at 7:30pm we play each other. There is a last game for girls U23 league before our game that start at 5:30pm if anybody interested to check how they play.

Coach Hikmet is still in Turkey due to the emergency situation he had and we are not sure yet if he be back by Sunday game.

Coach Victor will run tonight practice and Sunday game.

Google link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1o1aNd-fo7fJktwBkCvW9TfhHWMnvpwANpS7bZVbx_ho/edit?usp=sharing


Goran Vasic

201 532-3778


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