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Sporting CT 2010 boys

Good morning everyone,

We had very busy weekend and glad to see players improving during first part of the season individually and as a team. 

I am looking forward to reminding of the season we have very talented bunch of players that want to learn and work hard.

Friday night boys played outstanding. I ask them to set up in 2v1v2v1 system play in their positions and work as one. All of them did exactly what was need it and we got good result.

FSA couldn't break us down all game. Goals they score was mental mistake we made (not stepping in front of the ball on free kick that they took and scored and last second corner kick not stepping up and blocking shot from outside box). We will learn for next time and continue to be menially tough for all 50 minutes of the game.

Saturday was nice to be outside and play against talented opponent. Boys did very good job sharing the ball making some great combination plays and scoring 5 very nice goals. We will work on our defensive shape and how to get better once we go outside again with training but overall good performance from all players.

Sunday first half wasn't good. FSA out run as everywhere in the field, we are always second to the ball, not strong enough on 50-50 tackles and on 1v1 defending. Second half boys played with urgency , give good effort and won that period 2-0 it was just little to late to get back into the game.

We are having 2 weeks off from training due to our club annual Christmas break. We are back to training ground on Monday January 2nd.

Boys should stay active and do some running on their own in next two weeks. FSA schedule for session 2 will be posted sometimes next week once is posted we will inform you about it.

THANK YOU for great Christmas Card and Gift card to one of my favorite restaurants!!!!!!!!

We will have evaluation 1v1 google meet meetings on Tuesday January 3rd and Wednesday January 4th in the evening.

Please click on this link and add your child name on time and day that works the best for you. If any of this times or days don't work let me know and we will try to arrange something else. One parent and child should be present on this meetings. Links for google meet meetings will be send on the day of the meeting to each family.

Link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gqDauqhyTg-fqlRE_v1qlysptcrM8aTAvhI1iTPVaSA/edit?usp=sharing


I want to wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!


Goran Vasic

201 532-3778

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This week soccer 2010 boys
by posted 02/05/2023

Hello everyone,

Friday night coach Helder told me that game was very entertaining and boys did good against our 2009 boys team. Today game we played good for most part of the game but made few silly mistakes that cost us a game. Second half our energy dropped and we had no legs to finish our chances.Defending in the second half was much better as a team.

This week schedule.

Monday training at Okwood 6:30-8pm coach Helder will run training. I know Lucas is missing tomorrow training anybody else not available let me know.

This week only Gold team plays league game in FSA on Friday at 6pm. Let me know if your child NOtT available to play by Wednesday morning. I know Matthew can't make it next Friday to the game.

White game was moved from this Sunday to Monday February 20th due to Super Bowl Sunday.

Coach Helder will cover next two Monday practices and game this Friday at 6pm.


Goran Vasic



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Rosters for this weekend
by posted 02/01/2023

Hello everyone,

Glad that most kids show up this week at outdoor practices . Boys did very good job on both days of training hope that will translate to the games this weekend.

Rosters for this indoor games 

Friday 7pm against 2009 Sporting CT Gold boys Coach Helder will cover game for me since I have training in Oakwood with 2009 girls

Goalie Luke M, Haegen, Ettore, Vishnu, Brayden, John Carlo,, Evan , Andrew , Lucas N  and Rays

Sunday 115pm game against Farmington

Goalie Matt , CJ, Aidan, John Carlo, Nico, Connor, Ettore, Brady, Garrett and Gavin.

This weekend John Carlo and Ettore are only double rostered.

Let me know if any of players listed NOT available to play either game ASAP Maggie will send what to wear for each game soon.

I only dressing 10 players for each games from now until end of the indoor season so players have more playing time on the field. They need to get back in the shape for spring season. Once I got back from Serbia we will add some outdoor games as well if weather permit.


Goran Vasic

201 532-3778

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This week 2010 boys
by posted 01/30/2023

Happy Monday everyone,

Coach Daniel told me that boys had very good game Friday night, boys have shared ball well, score some very nice goals and that everyone played with good attitude. 

Yesterday game we played well but couldn't find net . First half we have create so many chances and played good soccer but our focus and mental toughnest let us down in final third. They punish us in secodn half with one good goal and 2 goals that could be prevented ,we just have to be able to have conversation on the field between players. One goal was Haegan and Luke waiting to see who want to take ball and player tap in between our two players ball in the net and second one was corner kick with wide open header on far post that Luke can't do anything about it. Someone didn't mark player in the box.

We will learn on our mistakes get better prepared and try to score some goals this coming week.

Here is You Tube motivational video from Kobe Bryant that I would like all boys to watch (parents can watch it too) I will ask them questions about video on Wednesday practice so be sure that they spend 30 minutes watching it. 


Practice this week is OUTDOORS both days Monday 5:15-6:45pm and Wednesday 5-6:30pm (weather permitting) at Country club road turf field.

If your son CAN'T make it to outdoor practice for any reasons please go to 2009 training indoors today (6:30-8pm) at Oakwood. Just let me know if you goin gthere so I an inform coaches Andrei and Helder that you be coming (Garrett will go because of basketball practice i already know that).

Games this week 

WHITE team playing our 2009 Gold team at 7pm coach Helder will coach both teams. I have girls training in Oakwood.

GOLD team Sunday 1:15pm against Farmington Fire

Let me know by Wednesday morning if your son NOT able to be there for any of this games so i can send rosters.

I will be going to Serbia for private reasons from February 6th to February 17th coach Helder will run practices for two Mondays in Oakwood and we will not train on Wednesdays 2/8 and 2/15 outdoors at CCR field.

Either coach Helder or one of other coaches will cover league games for me on 2/10 at 6pm (GOLD)and 2/12 WHITE (that game maybe moved because it"s superbowl sunday and we are schedule to play game at 6pm). I will inform you as we get closer to that week who will be there.


Goran Vasic

201 532-3778






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Tomorrow training
by posted 01/29/2023

Hello everyone,

I want to move training tomorrow  Monday January 30th  from Oakwood indoor 6:30-8pm to CCR outdoor from 5:15-6:45pm. We can use half of the turf field outside and weather showing around 45 degrees at the time of training. Please let me know if you can bring kids to this time prctice slot so we give 2009 boys more room to train indoors and also we have more room for our team training outdoors.

Please respond by 8pm tonight so i can adjust website and inform all parents. You can respond via text or email.


Goran Vasic

201 532-3778

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Rosters for this weekend +No training tonight
by posted 01/25/2023

Hello Everyone,

Due to weather today outdoor practice are cancelled. We only had 7 available players for outdoor game Sunday morning. I told AC Connecticut we will not be able to play them this weekend. 

Rosters for this indoor games 

Friday 7pm against Watertown Coach Daniel Ferrari will cover game for me since I have training in Oakwood with 2009 girls

Goalie Matt , CJ, Aiden, Vishnu, Nico, Brayden, Connor, Lucas N, Andrew, Brady and Gavin

Sunday 5pm game against Cheshire

Goalie Luke M, Heagen, Ettore, Garrett, Brayden, John Carlo, Nico, Evan , Andrew , Lucas N and Rays.

Let me know if any of players listed NOT available to play either game ASAP


Goran Vasic

201 532-3778



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