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Sporting CT 2010 boys
by posted 09/26/2022

Good morning everyone,

Maggie send you email this morning with info about practices and games already. Let us know if you not able to make to gaem Sunday.

I am aware of middle school games today and most of the players being late to training. We will start with kids that don't have game at 5pm with individual and small group work and when everyone come we will adjust to training as a team.

This Saturday game.

Very good first half even with us giving them goal for the lead boys stayed focused and played what was ask from them. Our bench change game for us in first half. They come with energy and Gavin was very aggressive going forward with his speed he made things happen beating two defenders and making cross to the box with Rays finishing nice with one touch shot on goal to tied the game. We continue to attack and get awarded  with free kick outside the box with Brayden nice shot we got lead.

Second half they got wind and took full advantage of it. We couldn't get out of our half for most part of the second half. We made mistake spreading out too much for one player to dribble 30 yards straight without anybody stoping him ,Matt made great save but ball bounce right in front of the goal for other WP player to score easy goal.

They had couple more opportunities to win the game but Matt made another good save that ball went just past the post. 

We are heading in right direction and we will be better each week.

I talk to the boys after the game but also to remind parents - at this age playing time is earned not given to any player in this team.

If they start at bench and come in and do better than player they sub they will have more playing time than that player period. No coach in the world will keep better player in the bench unless they are hurt, tired or don't perform what was ask from them.

I give all players plenty of time to show what they can do each game this fall it's up to them to show what they can do and earn time on the field.

After CFC tournament we will add some friendly games for players that are not playing a lot on the league game to play more.(by than middle school games will be almost over).

Western Pioneers will share Veo link today or tomorrow with me once I got it will be shared with all parents.


Goran Vasic

201 532-3778



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This week Sporting CT 2010 boys
by posted 09/19/2022

Hello everyone,

I was able to watch second half of the game this morning because that's where we struggle and lost game yesterday. First half was even game with limited chances for each team (few free kick for each team and some corner kicks). They had one good chance in the last minute of first half with breakaway but Luke made great save to keep 0-0 at the half.

Second half Ginga players look like they had been injected with steriods compere to our players. They look 3 times faster , beat us to the ball everywhere in the field and if wasn't for Luke and Brayden score should be much worst.

Goal 1.

Ginga kick the ball forward 20 yards Heagan and Garret didn't communicate well enough instead controling the ball Haegen made short pass toward Garret that forward took the ball and dribble 40 - 50 yards than made pass to open player in front of goal who hit the post ball come back to the player that just run over 60 yards and he was able to kick ball between Brayden legs to score first goal. Both Garrett and Haegan should do better job running back to help out Braydon if htey did that they will probably not score gol. Other thing Haegan can do is kick ball out of play in the middle of the field if he felt pressured they will get throw in and score will be 0-0 still.

Goal 2 

Evan should clear ball better than he did but after that we had 6 guys ball watching and Ginga players shooting at goal two times nobody wanted to block the second shot since we look so tired.

Goal 3 

They played great ball thru our defense and Ginga player just was too fast for our defenders he had 1v1 with Luke and finish with easy goal.

Things we need to improve-

Keeping ball in our possesion for longer period of time- we run too much n first half because we couldn't make passes in the middle of the field - we couldn't find our forwards that often. 

We need to be more dangerous going forward except 2-3 free kicks we had no oportunity to score any goals.

We need to get in better physical shape except 2-3 players rest of the guys are winded after 10 -15 minutes of the play.

Players need to adjust to play in multiple position on this team. If we have some players missing games they need to sacrface what they need / want for team success.

Soccer is team sport unless all players want to play for each other and do dirty work we will struglle to win any games. 

Today will be recovery training for boys. We will play soccer tennis and 3v3 tournament with some scrimmage in the end.

Starting tomorrow we will prepare for Saturday game against Western Pioneers. 

Practice schedule.

Monday 5-6:30pm I know some players will be late and some not coming do to middle school games

Tuesday 5-6:30pm I know some players will be late and some not coming do to middle school games

Thursday 6:30-8pm 

Maggie will send you what we will wear for game Saturday during the end of the week. Let her know by Thursday if you still missing uniform.

Let us both know if you NOT able to make to the practices or Saturday game ( i know about Monday and Tuesday already for parents that inform me).

Link to watch game on VEO https://app.veo.co/matches/20220918-ginag-aporting-ct-2010-boys-c04066d0/

Link to register for Sporting CT 2010 boys Veo account https://app.veo.co/x/42069e/

None of the parents are register yet for this team we will record a lot of the games this season. I encourage everyone to sign up and watch game with your kids so they can learn on mistakes they made or see what they did good at the games.


Goran Vasic

201 532-3778




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