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This week schedule 2009 girls

Good morning,

Very pleased with perfrormance girls showned this weekend against CT Rush team. First half we dominate possesion, create couple very good opportunities but couldn't find the net. On other hand they got one lucky bounce , poor communication from goalie and defenders and they scored easy goal on only shot they had in first half. Second half they played better than us for first 20 minutes as we start to lose focus and conditioning start to trickle down on some players . Last 10 minutes our girls did very good fighting to get back in the game and they got awarded with two late goals to tied the game. We even had opportunity to score couple more goals with couple shots hitting post and CT Rush goalie making great save on another shot from long distance as well.

We are heading in right direction and with few more outdoor practices and games we will get even better individually and as a team.

This week schedule.

Outdoor practices start this week at CCR field for month of March we are schedule for 2 times a week training on following days.

Wednesday 7:40-9pm

Friday 6:20-7:40pm

We are scheduled to play our 2008 girls on Sunday at 9am at CCR field be at field 8:30am for warm up.

Kristine will send email with uniform colors later this week.

Let me know if your daughter not able to come to any of this events.


Goran Vasic

201 532-3778

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Sporting CT 2009 girls

Good morning,

Very proud of the players and the way we finish indoor season in FSA this weekend.

Gold team - 

Great way to finish indoor season. Very happy to see players had fun again and win the game. Each player contribute well to the team this Saturday morning.  Our forwards listen to instructions we set before the game and had been more aggressive going forward and taking more shoots on the goal. We are able to score 5 very nice goals. Our passing was very good something we have worked on practice for last few weeks start to paid off.

Our team defense was very good as well they score one lucky goal on bad bounce and another one in last seconds of the game. All the girls had opportunites to play a lot this indoos season and get in the shape for upcoming spring season.

White team- 

Playing with tougher competation at this league made our players more physical, they had to react and make decison faster got to play with more energy and to adjust to the speed of play.  What a difference we have made as a team between our first indoor game against FSA ECNL team and last game we have played. Can't be more happier to see progress that our team made. We outplayed the best team in the league Saturday afternoon. We played as one, work so hard for each other, stick to our game plan almost to the perfection  and had couple opportunities to tie the game .

FSA had one player (#5) that was too strong, fast  and had powerful shot that beat us with two great goals. Other than her none of the FSA girls have showned that they are any better than any of the girls from our team. We need to build our confidence on games like this continue to believe in each other and if we continue with this kind of performances we will have very good spring season.

This week schedule

Wednesday outdoor training at CCR (weather permit)

Friday last indoor trainng at Oakwood 6:30-8pm

Saturday 10:30am game against CT Rush at CCR

Let me know if your daughter not available to attend any of the practices or games this week. I believe Maya is out for thsi weekend as well.

Spring schedule

Got sports system have start to work again after 12 days so we will be able to finish spring schedule this week. We should have all games listed by next Monday.  We are working on some of the friendly games so once they are confirmed will be posted on our schedule.


Goran Vasic

201 532-3778

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