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This week 2009 girls
by posted 02/05/2023

Good morning,

Girls give good effort in both games yesterday. Morning game we start little slow and went down 3 goals in the first half but second half girls played great ,we had chance to tie the game with few chances we create unfortunatelly we didn't find net and they score only goal in second half in less than 30 seconds left in the game. Very good adjustments and preformances from all players in second half.

Last night game we started good score early on corner kick and played decent soccer. In 5-6 minutes of the end of first half we lost our focus and aloud 4 easy goals. We talked about our mistakes in halftime and figure out how to adjust our shape for second half. Girls come out on the fire and score 2 quick goals to keep game close and also have create another 3-4 good chances to tie the game. When we don't score goals on other hand they are able to get couple more goals and take game away from us. Happy with energy and performances from all players. As long they giving up good effort results will start to get our way pretty soon.

This week schedule.

Friday training 6:30-8pm coach Adam covering for me this practice.

Game Saturday 11:15am against Valley 09 coach Branko covering for me this game.

Game Saturday 7pm against Cheshire coach Adam covering for me this game.

Let me know by Wednesday morning if your child NOT able to be there this coming week for training or practice. I will be back to country on Thursday February 16th and will be at practice that Friday nigth February 17th.


Goran Vasic

201 532-3778




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Rosters for this weekend
by posted 02/01/2023

Hello everyone,

Good practice on chilly night today see everyone again on Friday at Oakwood.

Here are rosters for this weekend. I am dressing only 10 players per team so girls have more playing time let me know if you NOT able ot be there but roster on the team.

Saturday 10:15am against FSA ECNL 2010

Maya, Emily, Penny,, Emerson, Alexis S, Emma, Sara, Payton, Noelle and Ava.

Saturday 8pm against Valley 08 

Maya, Stella, Ava, Emerson, Chloe, Izzy,,Kenzi, Payton, Lucia  and Lila.

Maya ,Ava , Emerson and Payton are double rostered this week. Amy still not clear to play at the games.


Goran Vasic

201 532-3778

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This week Sporting CT 2009 girls
by posted 01/31/2023

Hello everyone,

Saturday morning game was competative and could go either way unfortunatelly they catch us on two breakaways and scored on both of them,other than that we played well just was not able to finish our chances except Sarah goal.

Saturday night game we look scared and not prepared to play in first 10 -12 minutes of the game.

We went down 6-0 after that game was over but girls find courage to fight back and played much better for reminding of the game. This games are great learning tools for me as coach and players as well.

I would like for all players (and parents) to watch this motivation video from Kobe Bryant https://youtu.be/FyIrWtgOUoo

We are going to meet before practice this Friday as a team and I will talk with players about this video and other staff about our team. Please be at Oakwood Friday 10 minutes earlier we will start practice on side of the field at 6:20pm. This meeting is only for players and coach.

This week schedule.

Practices Wednesday outdoor 5-6:15pm and Friday indoor 6:20-8pm at Oakwood

Games Saturday 10:15am and 8pm 

Let me know if your child not avaiable for either game this weekend by Wednesday morning.

I will send rosters tomorrow and Kristine will follow up with emails about uniform.

Schedule for practices for spring season are posted on the website.

March 6th to April 3rd each team in the club train 2 times a week for 80 minutes on turf field and we will post friendly games for the weekends soon.

Starting April 6th we are on normal spring schedule (we hope grass field will be playable by than) 3 times a week with 90 minutes trainings.

We are going to play in the Memorial Day weekend tournament May 27-28th decision which tournament we will enter will be made in early March.

Also we are going to play in CT Cup competation as well.

EDP League spring games schedule will be posted later in February.

I will be out of country from February 6th to 17th coach Adam will cover training on Friday February 10th and coaches Rocco and Dylan will cover games on February 11th.

We will not have Wednesday outdoor trainings on 2/8 and 2/15 at Country club road fields.


Goran Vasic

201 532-3778




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Rosters for this weekend+ no training tonight
by posted 01/25/2023

Hello Everyone,

Due to weather later this afternoon we are going to cancel training outdoors at CCR fields.

Here are rosters for this weekend. If your child rostered but can't make it to the game let me know ASAP.

Saturday 9:15am against Valley FC

Maya, Emily, Penny, Stella, Emerson, Alexis S, Emma, Sarah, Lucia, Kenzi, Izzy and Lila.

Saturday 9pm against FSA RL

Maya, Emily, Stella, Ava, Emerson, Chloe, Izzy, Alexis S, Noelle, Payton, Penny and Lila.

Practice indoors Friday at 6:30pm

Kristine will send email soon with what color we wear for each game this Saturday.

Amy still not clear to play in the games.


Goran Vasic

201 532-3778


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