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Sporting CT 2009 girls
by posted 09/26/2022

Good morning,

The best game we played so far this fall season unfortunetely we didn't get result we deserved but girls fight until the end of the game. Once we are ready to compete for full 70 minutes results will start to follow hard work we put in the practices each week. We are heading in right directions.

Laura send you schedule for this week keep us posted if you are NOT able to be there this week for practices or games (we know Lucia is out this weekend due to family vacation).

We give them two very soft goals in first half but girls bounce back and outplayed CFC team for most part of the game.CFC team was playing long high balls behind our defense and with us giving them too much space they find girls that are faster than us who made trouble for our defenders to chase them back.  Our best chance was with Kenzi shot outside the box that hit post and went out of the goal.

Kenzi scored great free kick goal in second half and we had great momentum with our 3-5-2 formation for 10 15 minutes but couldn't find second goal. Last 10 minutes we start to get tired and had no legs to create any other good opportunities.

I talk to girls after the game but also to remind parents - Playing time at this age group is earned NOT given. If player start at bench and play better than girl she replaced than she will played more minutes than other girl period. No coach in the world will keep best players in the bench unless they don't perform good, they are hurt or they need break.

I give every player plenty of time to show what they have this fall season and in some games some players will play more and some less. It's up to them to do things on the field right and earn playing time.

I lost track of keeping time in the second half and Sarah and Noelle didn't play as much as rest of the players coming from the bench but all other players had decent playing time. Also after CFC tournament we will add some friendly games so players that are not given a lot of playing time on league games can play more. (by than middle school soccer will start to get closer to the end of the season)

I wasn't able to download game yet but will do it today and once game is posted on VEO will be shared with you all.


Goran Vasic

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We train today 7-8:30pm at CCR
by posted 09/21/2022

Hello everyone,

We are going to train tonight from 7-8:30pm at CCR field. I know few girls are not available rest see you later today.

We will do a lot of individual skills for hour and than play against 2010 girls team for last 30 minutes.


Goran Vasic

201 532-3778

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Practice cancel tonight let me know about Wednesday 7-8:30pm
by posted 09/19/2022


Tonoght practice will not happen let me know if you available for Wednesday 7-8:30pm practice if we have enough girls interested I will run practice .


Goran Vasic

21 532-3778

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This week soccer 2009 Girls
by posted 09/19/2022

Good morning,

I was able to watch most of the game this morning. We didn't play too bad but Yankee team punish us for every little mistake we have made yesterday.  In every goal they score we had possesion on the ball but we made bad pass or had bad touch.

Goal 1. 

Stella should control the ball and find open Everson in the middle instead she kick ball straight back first time to the girl that give her ball with Izzy and her out of position they find space behind them to get 1-1 between forward and Chloe. Yankee player was just too quick and score nice goal.

Goal 2. 

Not being in right spot on start of the play (Stella) and rushing with goal kick (Maya) give them throw in. After throw in we had 5 girls ball watching instead marking players they got lucky with couple passes but had players in right position in the box for eazy score few yards away from the net.

Goal 3

We again had possesion with the ball and play back to goalie.  Maya should control ball and find open player instead she kick ball straight in the middle of the field where Yankee middfielder had great move and shot ball from 30 yeards with left foot for nice finish.

It's important for girls to watch this game or goals and see what can be done different. I am not naming players to blame them for us losing game just want to point out mistakes they have made and importance of them realizing what can be done differently so we all learn. As i mention before every time we lose it's coach fault.

We will work on thigs that need to improve and get better soon.

Things we need to work on -

Be more aggressive going forward - we don't take enough shoots on goal - we don't take people 1-1 on outside the field - we force everything in tthe middle of the field where is too many player and no space to make anythign happen.

Our fitness drop in second half of last two games we will work on stamina and how to manage our energy better. 

We need to improve our defense - aloud 5 goals n 2 games 

We need to find way to score goals 0 goals in two games.

This week schedule.

Monday andn Tuesday 6:30pm training. Thursday 5pm

Gmae Sunday gainst CFC 9am in Windsor.

Today we will have recovery training for girls and starting tomorrow I will prepare them for Sunday game.

Link to watch game on VEO if you not register yet use this bellow link to be added to team VEO account.

Laura will let you know what we wearing for Sunday game let us both know if you are NOT able to make practices or game this week.

To watch game click here https://app.veo.co/matches/20220918-sporting-ct-2009-yankee-giels-4d6eb0af/?highlight=48201921-f18a-4067-ac13-b2caa1175fc9&scroll=MT#/highlights/

To register for Veo account for 2009 girls team click here https://app.veo.co/x/aa6efe/

Parents that had kids last year are all on account already just new players should register.


Goran Vasic

201 532-3778





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