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Our Upcoming Summer Events For Summer Of 2023
Hi Everyone,  Over the past few weeks we have worked...
Raise Right Gift Cards Fundraising
We are excited about a new fundraising opportunity for MYS Sporting CT...
Mizzi Cosmetics - Small business Saturday
Hello Everyone, We are happy to share that Mizzi Cosmetics will...
USYS Eastern Regionals 2022 West Virginia
Sporting CT was represent this year in USYS Eastern Regional Championship...
Gianna Rose Vincelett Scholarship and 3v3 Tournament
Sporting CT Members, We are honored to announce that starting...
Congrats To Coach Goran - Inducted Into Middletown Hall Of Fame
Hi Sporting Families,  We would like to congratulate coach...
Sporting CT U23 Women team joining UWS 2 league
Middletown Sporting CT joins New England Conference Newest...
Carl Lombardo -CT Soccer Hall Of Fame Inductee
Hi MYS Sporting CT Family,  Coach Carl Lombardo was inducted...
Gianna Rose Vincelett Memorial Fund
Hello everyone, Please find bellow information from Gia grandparents...
Our Upcoming Summer Events For Summer Of 2023

Hi Everyone, 

Over the past few weeks we have worked on finalizing our upcoming summer programs. Our registrations are now open and the interest has been great so far. Below you can find all our upcoming summer programs and read in more detail what are the benefits of each of them. 

Click below on the program you are interested to sign up. We are looking forward to a great summer full of soccer fun in the sun. 

Sporting CT 2023 Summer Camps Programs:

We are delighted to announce that we will offer 4 summer camp programs for all our players and families from within Sporting and outside. We are ensuring that we will continue to do everything in our power to cater to the needs of our entire membership offering more opportunities for our players to develop their soccer skills and technique.

Our MYS Director of Coaching and Sporting CT Executive Director Goran Vasic will be in charge of summer camps and other coaches will be on hand to run the programs and will be ably assisted by a number of ex-professional players and both past and present collegiate players ensuring a vibrant, enjoyable and educational learning environment is created and fostered.

Each camp will run for one week from Monday - Friday and will be held at our CCR complex:

Full Address: (395 Country Club Rd, Middletown, CT)

All camps will focus primarily on individual skill development with days being allocated a specific theme to allow for a more detailed focus to be prevalent.


Camps Length

Half Day - 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Topics for each camp will also include: 

  • Ball Mastery
  • Fakes & Turns
  • Dribbling to Penetrate
  • Escape Pressure & Possess the ball
  • Passing & Receiving both on the floor and in the air with a view to maintaining possession
  • Striking and Finishing
  • Individual Defending 
  • Small-sided games


Our final day will see a variety of small-sided game tournaments played (2v2, 4v4, 6v6 & 8v8) allowing players to demonstrate their newly acquired skills and abilities in front of all family members and friends.

What players can bring to camp?

  • A soccer ball
  • Soccer cleats
  • Indoor shoes
  • Soccer socks
  • Shinguards
  • Big water bottle
  • Snacks (fruits, protein bars, etc)
  • Lunch (for full-day campers)
  • Sunscreen (please apply before coming to camp)
  • An extra t-shirt
  • Sneakers and sandals
  • Most importantly, A BIG SMILE 


Sporting High School Pre-Season Camp - Boys and Girls 2009-2005 players: (August 7-11, 2023)

This camp will provide the last chance for preseason preparation for those who want the week of training. This is a more complex camp where we want to make sure players understand their roles in the various situations of the game. The coaches will focus on offering their knowledge thru different training sessions where players will later be allowed to freely experience what they learned in a FREE play environment. Applying what you learn in a FUN and FREE environment is what learning is all about. This camp will truly help players develop their tactical understanding of the game so they can perform better for their teams during the season. Registration will be open February 1st 2023




Camps Length

Half Day - 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM


LOCATION: 395 Country Club Road, Middletown, CT


Topics for each camp will also include:

  • Ball Mastery
  • Fakes & Turns
  • Dribbling to Penetrate
  • Escape Pressure & Possess the ball
  • Passing & Receiving both on the floor and in the air with a view to maintaining possession
  • Striking and Finishing
  • Individual Defending 
  • Small sided games


Our final day will see a variety of small-sided game tournaments played (2v2, 4v4, 6v6 & 8v8) allowing players to demonstrate their newly acquired skills and abilities in front of all family members and friends.




If register before April 1st 2023 $140





Sporting CT SOL GVSA - 2023 Training Program Overview


CT SOL GVSA is an advanced soccer team training program designed to provide players of all levels with a game like training opportunities to help them reach their full potential in a fun, safe and challenging environment


Our dedicated coaches not only help players develop their technical abilities but are also focusing on tactical, physical and psychosocial skills development. Training constantly on those four pillars in a professional environment can help soccer players improve and reach their full potential to play at a higher level.



As players grow and change, our CT SOL GVSA program will engage with them and be part of their milestones and triumphs. 



CT SOL does not replace your town or premier club, nor does it have the intention to do compete against it. Our program will only operate during the summer months when all town, travel, and premier clubs are not active. We welcome players of all levels from all over Connecticut. 




Our CT SOL Summer Teams program will challenge and motivate players in a FUN game-like training environment to compete and develop their: 

  • Ball control
  • Skills
  • Game awareness
  • Leadership skills
  • Positive attitudes
  • Strong work ethics 
  • Character
  • Lifetime values
  • And much more... 


Our ultimate goal is to help players build their CONFIDENCE and empower them to COMPETE on the field.

Our CT SOL GVSA Summer Teams program encourages players to express themselves and play without fear of making mistakes. Our training sessions allow players to discover the true feeling and enjoyment of playing soccer. We understand that all children learn in different ways and our coaches are trained in delivering quality training that helps players achieve their highest level of performance.

After coaching thousands of players over the last decade, we have seen and experienced firsthand all the developmental stages and challenges at the recreational, town, travel and premier levels. SOL GVSA is here to help players train effectively and reach their full potential by helping them prepare to compete confidently with their teams. Join us to have some FUN in the SUN. 



Our mission at CT SOL GVSA is to help our players compete with confidence in a fun game-like training environment while learning new tricks and developing their skills. 





1. Rhode Island

  • Date July 15-16th 2023 
  • Age groups 2015-2005 Boys & Girls. 




*The pricing of the tournaments it's included in the programs' fee. 



All our boys' teams will train on MONDAYS & WEDNESDAYS between 5PM - 8PM at CCR.  

Girls TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS at CCR (395 Country Club Road, Middletown CT). 


BOYS & GIRLS TRAINING SCHEDULE (Start June 26th - August 17th)

TRAINING DATES BOYS (Monday & Wednesday):                                                                                                                                               

JUNE 26, 28

JULY 3,5,10,12,31                                                                         

AUGUST 2,7, 9, 14, 16                                                                              


TRAINING DATES GIRLS (Tuesday & Thursday):

JUNE 27,29

JULY 6, 7*, 11, 13  *July 7th will be replacement training for July 4th  

AUGUST 1, 3, 8, 10, 15, 17




Each Player will get 2  jerseys. 




Click on the forms below to download them and send them to us. 







Our fees cover the coaching fees, tournaments, uniforms, and facility fees. 

  • 6 Weeks Of Training Program 12 practices = $220
  • Tournament fees $170
  • Uniform $30

TOTAL COST = $420/player 

If register before April 1st 2023 price will be $390






Come train for the Summer of 2023 with our Elite Level Coaches and Players to compete in games so you can dominate in your Upcoming College season. 

All our training will take place on our state of the art turf field at 395 Country Club Road, Middletown, CT. 

The time of the training will be announced soon... 







Andrei Popescu

Sporting CT Boys Director 




by posted 02/07/2023
Raise Right Gift Cards Fundraising

We are excited about a new fundraising opportunity for MYS Sporting CT called RaiseRight.

RaiseRight is a gift card selling service that donates a specific percentage back to the Club for every gift card sold
through the program. You can purchase gift cards – physical or eCards -- for things you are already
buying or purchase gift cards for others.
We encourage all of our Sporting / MYS family members to sign up from either the Raise Right website
(RaiseRight.com/enroll) or the mobile app.
Getting Started:
Click Join a Program and use enrollment code ATFLIHJH5NDF.

Complete the fields to create your account.
From the home screen, you can navigate to Shop, Favorites, Wallet and Account. You will also see
“Today’s Bonuses”, which lists brands running a rebate bonus sale as well as Featured brands. You can
also search for specific brands using the search box at the top of the screen, or search by categories.
When searching by categories, you have the option to further filter your search by Special Offers,
Product Type (eGift card or physical gift card; physical gift cards can be further sorted by Reloadable or
Ship to Home Eligible), Categories and Denominations.
Payment Options:
(1) Pay online with your bank account - - This is the most popular and secure way to pay for gift
cards! Get your eGift cards and reloaded funds instantly!
• From your Account page, choose Settings>Payment Options>Add Bank Account
• Follow the steps to automatically link your bank account
• There is a $0.15 fee on each transaction
(2) Pay online with your credit card - - A convenient way to pay, while still having instant access to
e-Gift cards and reloaded funds.
• Visa, Mastercard and Discover are accepted
• Option to save your credit card at checkout for future purchases
• There is 2.6% fee on each transaction.
(3) All payments should be electronic. Please do not select “Pay Coordinator Directly” as a payment
Ordering Gift Cards:
Select the brand you want to purchase, the type of gift card you want to purchase, and the card
amount. Click Add to Cart. To make another purchase, click Keep Shopping and repeat the process for
each brand and card type you want to purchase.
 To send an eGift card as a gift, select “Send as a gift by email”, select a delivery date (can
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 Physical gift cards should only be purchased if they are ‘Ship to Home Eligible’. Please do
not select “Send to my Coordinator”.
 There is a shipping and handling fee for every order you ship to home (or another address
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shipping method selected. For gift cards shipped via USPS, the fee is $0.50 postage per
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Completing Your Purchase:
Once you have added all the items you want to your cart, select the shopping cart symbol in the top
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Review your order and click Place Order to complete your purchase.
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Please reach out to Colby Fraschilla at colbs714@gmail.com or (203) 915-9169.

As an added incentive for  this month, the person who signs up and earns the most from RaiseRight gift card orders by December 31, 2022 will win a $25 eGift card from soccer.com

by posted 12/10/2022
Mizzi Cosmetics - Small business Saturday

Hello Everyone,

We are happy to share that Mizzi Cosmetics will give portion of the sell back to our club from tomorrow Small Saturday sale and for all other purchases made online using coupon code provided bellow until August 1st 2023. 

The code anyone can use for 15% off and a portion to go towards Sporting till August of 2023 is :
Information about Mizzi Cosmetics
Mizzi Cosmetics
27 Stack Street
Suite A
Middletown, CT 06457

by posted 11/25/2022
USYS Eastern Regionals 2022 West Virginia

Sporting CT was represent this year in USYS Eastern Regional Championship in West Virginia with two teams Sporting CT 2009 Girls and Sporting CT 2008 boys.

Our teams had great experience competing against very talented teams and doing well. 

Sporting CT 2009 girls played 3 games and finish at the group stage play. 

Sporting CT 2008 boys had played 5 games and lost in the semifinals to Stony Brook LGN SC.

We are extremely proud of all players, coaches and parents for commitment and hard work they put together in last 10 months to make this season fun and enjoyable to play and watch. 


by posted 06/30/2022
Gianna Rose Vincelett Scholarship and 3v3 Tournament

Sporting CT Members,

We are honored to announce that starting in the fall of 2022 we will award two Sporting CT female athletes with The Gianna Rose Vincelett Scholarship at her family request.

Gianna Vincelett was a member of the Sporting CT 2007 Girls team. Her family is funding a soccer scholarship with Sporting CT in her name because they believe that, like Gianna, children whose families may not otherwise be able to afford it should be able to play soccer at the Premier level.

Gianna loved her Sporting teammates, and their families and other children should be able to enjoy all that Sporting CT has to offer: competitive soccer, great coaching and a family oriented environment.

This scholarship may provide full or partial coverage of Sporting CT’s yearly fees. You can apply by competing the attached application form and returning it as specified.              

Please indicate the circumstances that make this request necessary. Be sure to explain your situation in the most comprehensive manner possible to help us make the appropriate decision. In rare circumstances, your latest Federal and State income tax returns may be requested to verify income.

The executive board of Sporting CT will be responsible for reviewing any scholarship request and their decision should be considered final. Those requesting assistance for the 2022/23 season should submit their application by no later than July 1st 2022 and expect to hear an outcome within 30 days of our receipt of said application. Please email application form to frank@sportingct.com and goran@sportingct.com

*Please note – Scholarships are provided on a yearly basis. Upon completion of the soccer year families must reapply/ be reevaluated in order to receive support again.

Please Note: Should a full or partial scholarship be afforded to your family, it is the expectation of the club that said family/families will help contribute to the running of the program by volunteering to assist in one of the following capacities:


  • Tournament Committee
  • Team Manager
  • Sponsorship/Fundraising
  • MYS league manager
  • Uniform/Equipment Distribution
  • Child to assist in the coaching of Academy program

We are also happy to announce that MYS and Sporting CT will run our first 3v3 Gianna Rose Vincelett tournament Sunday August 28th at our fields at 395 Country club road where all benefits from this event will go back to Vincelett family to support more athletes with free or partial scholarship for upcoming years.

Registration for this event will be open by July 1st 2022.

Best Regards,

Sporting CT Board of Directors

by posted 06/02/2022
Congrats To Coach Goran - Inducted Into Middletown Hall Of Fame

Hi Sporting Families, 

We would like to congratulate coach Goran Vasic for being inducted into Middletown Hall of Fame and Museum and with the rest of the special group of people. We feel honored to have coach Goran work with our players and passing on his knowledge to the upcoming generations. Over the last decade coach Goran has helped build a great foundation for kids in Middletown and has impacted many families in a positive way. Thank you for all you do!









by posted 04/26/2022
Sporting CT U23 Women team joining UWS 2 league

Middletown Sporting CT joins New England Conference

United Women's Soccer UWS national pro-am league UWS League Two UWS2 Tiffany Weimer Middletown Sporting CT Connecticut

Newest UWS2 team led by Tiffany Weimer

Metuchen, NJ – UWS League Two (UWS2) is thrilled to announce the addition of Middletown Sporting CT to the New England Conference. Middletown Sporting CT joins the seven team conference alongside Massachusetts Rush Central, South Shore Select, and the reserves sides for Blackwatch Rush, Connecticut Fusion, New England Mutiny and Worcester Smiles. Stay tuned for the release of the 2022 game schedule.

“We are very excited for the opportunity to have our players compete in UWS2 this summer,” said Head Coach Tiffany Weimer. “The players we have joining us this summer deserve the professionalism and quality of competition that this league provides.”

Head Coach Tiffany Weimer most recently played in the first division of UWS last season with National Runners-up Connecticut Fusion and will now be leading the newly launched U23 team for Sporting CT. Tiffany holds her USSF National B License and is the Yale University Assistant Coach. She is a 12-year professional player in 6 countries (US, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Brazil, and Canada). She is also Owner & Co-Founder of Duktig Brand – the official supplier of coaching notebooks for UWS.

“’We want to thank United Women’s Soccer for accepting us into the league and giving us an opportunity to take women’s soccer in CT and New England area to the next level,” said Executive Director Goran Vasic. “This platform is a great pathway for players in our club and we can’t wait for the start of our inaugural season.”

Middletown Sporting CT is part of Middletown Youth Soccer which was founded in 1974 and later established itself as the premier branch, Sporting CT, in 2012. The Club’s goal is to provide the best possible coaching and support resources to enable each player to develop to their full potential, both as soccer players and as individuals. Through the club’s commitment to providing the finest staff possible, their ambition is to produce players capable of competing at the: ODP/Region 1, Collegiate, Professional and International levels.

Middletown Sporting CT will play their home games at Sporting CT (395 Country Club Rd, Middletown CT 06457) and Xavier High School (181 Randolph road Middletown CT 06457). For more information on Middletown Sporting CT, visit their official website and follow the club on Facebook and Instagram.

by posted 04/11/2022
Carl Lombardo -CT Soccer Hall Of Fame Inductee

Hi MYS Sporting CT Family, 

Coach Carl Lombardo was inducted into the CT Soccer Hall Of Fame on April 2, 2022.

We are happy to have coach Carl work with our players and to be part of our club.

Congrats Coach Carl we will always support you and be thankful for everything you have done in the last few decades.

Thank you to all our members for coming to show support for coach Carl at CJSA event this past Saturday.

by posted 12/22/2021
Gianna Rose Vincelett Memorial Fund

Hello everyone,

Please find bellow information from Gia grandparents Skip and Debby. We can thank you enough to all our Sporting CT families and others that are not part of our club for reaching out to us and asking how everyone can help Vincelett family in this difficult time.

If you can please donate to the fund set up in the Gia memory.


Sporting CT Board of Directors.

To our Sporting CT soccer family,


Thank you for the outpouring of support in the past few days. Gia’s friends from soccer and basketball and their families have all reached out to us. We feel thankful that we were able to attend a gathering of Gia’s teammates on Sunday to see the girls and their parents. After many tearful moments initially, everyone was able to begin to remember Gia as the happy, energetic, funny young woman that she was. We hope this gathering helped the girls as much as it helped us. Goran, Andrei, Dylan, Emilie and Frank also attended and we were very glad to see them.


Gia’s mom, Megan, is planning a celebration of Gia’s life in the upcoming weeks. We think it will be held on Friday, August 20th.  As soon as the details are finalized we will let you all know. Megan wishes to have one celebration for everyone Gia touched in all aspects of her life. Everyone will be invited.


We have set up a memorial fund at Liberty Bank in Haddam. We plan to use the fund to support a soccer scholarship at Sporting CT for a deserving female player and hopefully for a female soccer player from Haddam-Killingworth High School who is going on to play in college.


Donations can be sent to:


The Gianna Rose Vincelett Memorial Fund

Liberty Bank, Haddam Branch

P.O.. Box 37

116 Bridge Street,

Haddam, CT 06438


Or, if you would like to use venmo to donate to the fund, search for the Gianna-Rose-Fund:




Skip & Debby Vincelett

by posted 08/04/2021
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