Strength and Conditioning


The physical corner of a player's make up is an area that has come to receive incredible attention in recent years. Being fitter, stronger, quicker and ultimately healthier than your opponent have been areas that are now central to individual and team growth and training loads and curriculums reflect that. Given the specialist nature of strength training and the necessary knowledge base that surrounds it we again took the decision to partner with professionals within the field who reflect our focus on Excellence.

The experts at the Jiu Jitsu Strength and Training Center lead our program of conditioning delivered to all High School aged members during Friday nights in the Spring season. Used currently as a third night of training the self awareness surrounding how to prepare, train and recover successfully is a critical skill for our players' to develop in order to ensure they are capable of playing their best when it matters.


NOTE: We hold open tryouts all year round for our Premier Teams. Just contact Jeremy Wilson at jeremy@sportingct.com.