Education and Support

At Sporting CT our ambition is to unlock the potential of our players allowing them to realize their goals both on and off the field. College is a dream that many of our players aspire too. Without strong Academic performance however, this dream may never be possible. As such, our intention is to provide the time, guidance and support our players need to ensure that their performance in the classroom is befitting of their performance on the field. Ultimately we know that being strong Academically will open more doors and opportunities to our members than playing ability alone ever will and we are there to ensure that the time they commit to improving on the soccer field is in addition too and not instead of improvements in the classroom.

With a number of our staff holding Teaching Degrees, Educational Certifications and practical experience of teaching from the Elementary to Collegiate levels we are committed to sharing our expertize unlocking a passion for learning in our players. Supervised drop in sessions led by Corinne Mazzotta are available each week of the Winter in the Classroom at ASTC where players can complete their homework with the support of the club's Educational Staff. During Showcase tournaments requiring overnight stays and time out of school, we have study hall sessions built into our routine ensuring no player's engagement in soccer is a reason for falling behind in school.