Our 2016/17 Ball Striking & Finishing Clinic is open to all travel, comp & premier players age U10 and older looking to improve their technical ability to strike a ball, move into finishing positions and see success finishing on goal.  Players will focus on their first touch, ability to take on defenders, ball striking from range, playing in combinations/small groups and crossing/finishing.

Delivered across every season of the year, this supplemental clinic offers players of all ages and abilities the opportunity to both develop and refine their shooting technical proficiency. Through engaging in a variety of shooting with different parts of the foot from different angles, players will shoot well over 200 shoots on goal during their hour of practice.

It doesn't matter what level or position you play, we always encourage players to take that chance and shoot the ball. The more practice on shooting, the higher the goal scoring opportunities. 

Full Time program director Jeremy Wilson alongside a number of Sporting Staff Coaches run the program ensuring a high ratio of coaches to players are present and able to share their expertise with the members.