SPORTING CT 3v3 Event Information & Rules

1. Each team is guaranteed 3 Games.

a. Games are 25 minutes running time.  

b. All 3 games play on the same running clock.

i. Clock is set for 28 minutes and all games kick off on a ‘rolling start’ at the 15 minute mark.  Please have your teams on the field and ready to play.  Time lost will not be replaced.

c. Playoffs for each competition group based upon entries received. 

i. Please note divisions with 5 & 7 teams will play a ‘league’ format with 4 games and no playoff.  League winner on points earned will be declared champion of such divisions.

2. Roster size is Minimum of 4 players per team.  Maximum of 6 players per team.

a. All players must have the same color uniform with a unique identifiable number on the back. 

b. All players & team coaches must register with Advanced Sportsplex or Sporting CT for facility waiver purposes.

3. Team fee is $160 per team.

a. Event fees are due at registration. 

i. Teams who have not paid prior to first game will not be allowed to participate.

4. Each team must have an adult (18 or older) present on the sideline for all matches. 

a. This adult should be registered with the facility as team coach and will be held responsible for all fees due from participation in our leagues.

b. This adult will also be responsible for the actions of the players and spectators associated with his/her team.

5. Referee harassment will NOT be tolerated. 

a. Any incident reported by a match official will result in a -2 points deduction in standings.

b. 3 or more incidents to any one team will result in disqualification from the event without refund of any fees paid.

6. Must give 3 yards distance on all free kicks AUTOMATIC.

a. Any player impeding the ball within 3 yards will receive a yellow card at the discretion of the referee (see cards below).

i. Impeding play includes: delaying a quick restart, kicking the ball away, blocking the path of the ball or attempting to block the path of the ball while within the 3 yard zone.

ii. Around the crease, the line of the crease will serve as the minimum distance from the ball. 

- This distance may be less than the 3 yard minimum.

7. The field boundaries are: White lines where the soccer field presently exists and the nets which separate the three fields.

a. All inbounds are kick-ins. 

b. All kick-ins from the boundaries are indirect except for corner kicks

c. Kick-ins must be taken within 1 yd of the netting and/or the white touchlines. 

d. Goal Kicks are to be taken from anywhere within the penalty crease.

8. All goals must be scored from the attacking half of the field. 

a.The Kick Off is indirect (as by rule, the ball has not entirely crossed midfield) and not eligible to be scored.*

9. The 'Crease' around the goal must be maintained at all times. 

a. Players may treat this space as a hard 'offside' line, whereby they may finish or defend in that space once a ball is played into that space, but may not station themselves in that space to gain an attacking or defending advantage.

i.   Attacker violation = free kick coming out

ii.  Defender violation - Fouls in or violations of the goal crease will result in a Penalty. 

iii. A Penalty Kick is an uncontested shot from the center spot.  All players must be on opposite half of the field when the kick is taken.

- Results in a goal, a goalkick or open play (may not be touched by the penalty taker until another player has touched the ball).

iv. In the event that a penalty is awarded and time expires before the kick may be taken, the penalty MUST be taken and will serve as the last play of that match.*

10. There is NO offside law in effect.

11. Five Fouls Rule - Upon the fifth foul committed by a team during a single game, the opponent will be awarded a penalty kick. 

a. From then on, every second foul committed by the same team will result in an additional penalty kick for their opponent.  (Fouls do not carry over from match to match).

12. Cards – Yellow Card - will result in a 2 minute penalty for the player issued the card. 

a. This card indicates a hard foul, or deliberately delaying the return of the ball to play on a set piece or inbounds, or any other misconduct at the discretion of the referee which is more serious than a simple foul, but does not warrant a send-off (red card).

- During this period, his or her team must play 2 vs 3 until the penalty expires or the team playing up scores a goal. 

b. Red Card - is an ejection from the game for the player issued the card.  This card is for serious foul play, violent conduct & violent/threatening behavior towards the opponent or referee. That player’s team must serve a ‘hard 5’ minute penalty. 

i. A goal by the team in advantage does NOT cancel the five minute penalty resulting in a red card. 

ii. The player in question will also be suspended for his team’s next match in the event.

iii. All violent conduct ejections will be reviewed by tournament panel for further disciplinary action.

13.Group placement shall be based upon points accrued during group play. 

a. 3 points awarded for a win. 

b. 1 point for a draw. 

c. O points for a loss.

14.. If at the conclusion of the group play, two or more teams are equal on points, the following Tie-Breaker procedure will be followed:

a. 2 teams only

i.Result of games in Head to Head play

ii. Goal Difference

- Maximum goal difference granted per game of +/- 8 goals per game.

iii. Fewest Goals Conceded

iv. Most Goals Scored

v. Coin toss.

b. If Three or more teams are equal on points, then procedures 2-4 shall be followed FROM THE GAMES BETWEEN THE TEAMS IN QUESTION to eliminate 1 team, and then the process for 2 teams shall be followed to determine placement from there.

15. Awards for League Champions in all divisions will be given.