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Sporting CT Fall tournament UPDATE
by posted 10/20/2021

Hello everyone,

We need to make final decision tomorrow about Fall tournament for 2007 girls team. After last email was send some parents have email me back and ask to move some players from one tournament to other. In order for us to put teams in correct brackets and tournaments we will need this information send to me by 12pm tomorrow Thursday October 21st.

If need it we may have some players play in both tournaments NEFC and FC Stars. If both teams  play in same tournament  we will need to call some 2008 girls players to help out.

Here is google spread sheet made just for our 2007 girls team https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yIJCl3NAqhysJc7FLn4eaAJkwIqPudE9pv8jYpGU7GI/edit?usp=sharing

Any question sfeel free to call or email me back.


Goran Vasic

201 532-3778


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Sporting CT 2007 Girls fall/winter tournament
by posted 10/18/2021


Hope all the players enjoying high school soccer and having good expirience so far, we can't wait to have them back with our club soon. 

We are in process of signing teams for tournaments for this fall/winter.

For all of you that respond back and put your child names thank you. For people that are not listed on spreadsheet bellow please let me know by end of the day if you are available to play or not.

We have two options for fall tournaments and we need to make decision in next couple days where to sign up teams.

1. Have one team play at NEFC tournament November 28-29th (16 field players plus 2 goalies) and also play in FC Stars tournament following weekend  December 4-5th (only for players that are not available for thanksgiving tournament weekend plus one not selected to play in NEFC tournament)- 

2. Play with both teams in FC Stars tournament December 4-5th.

Players that select NO for NEFC showcase (one in red)please let me know if you are able to play December 4-5th weekend in Massachusetts at FC Stars tournament ASAP.


Ava dos Santos yes
Maya Coviello Yes
Abbie Miller ?
Sarah Mucinskas Yes
Emelia Eckert Yes
Rachel Dills Yes
Kaylee Benson Yes
Lauren Correa No
Kiley Scott Yes
April LeBlanc No
Claire Palma Yes
Rachael Boudreau Yes
Bella Levesque YES
Olivia King Yes
Brynn Caetano Yes
Allie Epright No
Julia Salley No
Annika Peters Yes
Catherine Lomuntad No
Kamryn Cooper Yes
Yori Perry-Rice Yes
Kaylea Micale Yes
Catarina Whitehouse Yes
Elizabeth Clayton No
Audrey Dana No
Tessa Lopez No
Madeline Mota Yes


Didn't hear back from Zoey P, Charlotte P, Marissa B and Talia M 


Goran Vasic

201 532-3778

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